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Carrying a patient to Muko Health CentreDear Friends of Worldwide Healing Hands,

This holiday season is an opportunity to thank our generous donors, loyal supporters and dedicated volunteers. It is also a time to extend a helping hand to mothers and children who lack access to basic medical care many of us take for granted.

Your generosity has helped to save the lives of women like Grace, a 31-year-old mother of three children. Just two days before we arrived in rural Uganda, Grace was seen at the health center for bleeding during her first trimester of pregnancy.

The center did not have an ultrasound to evaluate the pregnancy nor did it have the surgical instruments to perform a D & C if needed for her spontaneous miscarriage. She was instructed to go to the nearest hospital 35 km away. Lacking any means of transportation, Grace made the two-hour walk back home to rest.

Two days later, her bleeding became heavier and she was carried on a wicker stretcher by men from her village. They were spotted by one of our volunteers as they walked past the health center where we were teaching.

A quick evaluation on the roadside revealed that Grace was hemorrhaging. We convinced the men to carry her up to the health center. Sadly, she did have a miscarriage, but her life was saved. Thanks to your donations, Worldwide Healing Hands was able to provide the needed equipment for her care.

Uganda susanThanks to your help, Worldwide Healing Hands was able to reach out to women and children in Haiti and Uganda this past year. Additionally, in our home county of Lake, California, we conducted free health screenings for homeless and underserved populations, and for survivors of fires that devastated our south county area in September. Please visit our website and/or Facebook page for more information.

Looking forward, we will be returning to Uganda to continue to train surgeons and midwives. Our cervical cancer prevention program is so successful that we have been invited back to Haiti to take our program to 10 other hospitals.

Charitable donations have enabled WHH to change the lives of countless women and their babies. Each tax-deductible donation is a valued gift and means a great deal to women living with and in these terrible conditions. Thank you for supporting Worldwide Healing Hands in its missions to assist the women in the most underserved areas of the world.