To provide our services, we recruit highly skilled, experienced physicians, midwives and nurses from all over the world who have achieved personal and professional success in their lives and are dedicated to educating the local medical providers where we work. In fact, they are so dedicated they volunteer their time and pay their own expenses.

Our volunteers deeply enjoy fulfilling mission trips because of:

Our Locations

One-on-One Mentorship

Our Approach

Worldwide Healing Hands goes to small, remote areas where no other organization will travel to provide training for local healthcare providers. Many of the women and children in these villages have no access to transportation to obtain basic medical care.

Worldwide Healing Hands offers one-on-one mentorship to physicians and midwives. While other programs provide training for basic skills, we provide a higher level of training including surgery such as cesarean section, hysterectomy and procedures to prevent cervical cancer.

Worldwide Healing Hands provides a “continuum of care” approach to health services including family planning education, integrated maternal and newborn health care from the period before pregnancy through infancy.

Can You Help Us?

We are looking for volunteers to help us:

  • Establish partnership(s) with local organizations(s) interested in expanding and improving health care in an underserved community.
  • Assess the needs of the community and identify health care programs that offer solutions for their concerns.
  • Recruit experienced medical volunteers to serve as mentors and instructors on our medical missions.
  • Support local community leaders in recruiting medical practitioners from the community for the training programs.
  • Train local physicians, midwives and others to improve their surgical and medical skills.
  • Train physicians to perform cesarean sections to reduce maternal mortality and decrease birth complications such as fistulas.
  • Educate low-income women in prenatal care and family planning.
  • Teach physicians how to train other healthcare workers in their communities.
  • Train nurses how to train women in prenatal care and family planning.
  • Train physicians and healthcare workers in the “see and treat” method of cervical cancer prevention to reduce cervical cancer deaths.
  • Assess the effectiveness of our teaching with pre- and post-testing.
  • Provide solar power to clinics in partnership with We Care Solar.
  • Provide midwives and nurses with the medical equipment they need.
  • Provide clean birth kits to prevent infections in newborns.
  • Reduce newborn mortality from hypothermia with Embrace Baby warmers.
  • Remain in contact with the physicians, midwives and nurses trained during the mission to support their ongoing needs and answer their questions.

Before going on a mission, all medical volunteers are trained to offer mentoring that is appropriate to the region and community.

If you feel drawn to provide or support any of these services, please