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    Resident in 'ask me about Rwanda' mask

    Worldwide Healing Hands’ First Medical Mission in Rwanda was a Success! 

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    In developing countries like Rwanda and Uganda, cervical cancer is the most common type of cancer-related death. It claims the lives of more than 300,000 women annually. Since 2012, Worldwide Healing Hands (WHH) has made extraordinary strides to train healthcare workers in low-resource settings how to prevent, screen and treat this disease quickly and effectively.…

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    Worldwide Healing Hands Transforming Muko, By Dr. Alex Melindwa

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    It’s a cold morning. The usual fog engulfs Muko Health Center IV, obscuring the spectacular view of the beautiful cultivated hills from where the sun rises. The first sun rays penetrate through the fog, shining a warmth on the patients waiting to receive care after traversing hills and valleys to reach the center. Work starts…

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