Our proven approach includes on-the-ground education and training, along with donations of modern medicines and medical equipment like portable ultrasound machines.

Every year over 300,000 mothers die during childbirth. That’s one every two minutes, or the amount of time it will take you to finish reading this paragraph. The real tragedy is that the vast majority of these deaths are preventable through access to basic, low-cost maternal healthcare.

In developing countries, it is oftentimes the mothers who are the sole provider of food, education, and clean water. If she dies during childbirth, there is no one left to care for the infant. If there are young children at home, they too become imperiled. The numbers of newborns and toddlers who perish as a result of this disastrous domino effect are unconscionable. A skilled attendant present during delivery can provide treatment for anemia, hemorrhage, infection, hypertension disorders, and obstructed labor.

This is a rallying cry for Worldwide Healing Hands. We believe things should be better, and we are dedicated to closing the vast gap between the developed countries and those that are resource-deficient. To that end, we send physicians and nurses into the field to train local medical staff in modern procedures to mitigate maternal death.