Often healthcare is ignored for the simple reason it is not readily available. Worldwide Healing Hands has advanced training practices that serve health workers at all levels which result in increased availability.

To significantly improve the overall health and life expectancy of their populations, African countries need to increase the health workforce by 140%. This is especially true in remote areas of the country. The ratio of 2 doctors and 9 nurses for every 10,000 citizens is untenable.

Poverty is the most significant barrier preventing people from getting an education. We have financially supported numerous OB/GYN residents, medical students, and nursing students—a large majority of women—on their path to higher education. These scholarships have created better lives for our graduates and improved the medical prospects of thousands of people who would otherwise have no access to medical care.

In addition to paying for education, Worldwide Healing Hands supports volunteer professors and trainers from all over the world who provide training which creates a ripple effect of medical knowledge. The mission is to have medical knowledge propagate under its own momentum throughout the medical community. Our training programs include Preventing Maternal Death, Helping Babies Breathe, Cervical Cancer Eradication, and Gynecologic Surgery Training.