While there is no doubt that COVID-19 has made life harder for all of us, this pandemic has thrust the global health community into difficulties unmatched in our lifetimes and has demonstrated that the biggest problem facing the health and safety of the world is the critical shortage of healthcare workers.

The World Health Organization estimates a current global shortage of more than seven million healthcare workers—a number that could increase to thirteen million by 2035.

As demand for skilled professionals grows around the world, WHH remains committed to providing the knowledge, tools, and support to deliver expert care and save lives. For the past decade we have facilitated the training of hundreds of healthcare professionals in Uganda, Haiti, Chad, Nepal, and Cambodia. By training and aiding healthcare workers in developing communities, these heroes are able to sustainably improve access to maternal and neonatal care, which prevents countless deaths each year.

Access to properly trained healthcare workers and medical supplies are things many of us take for granted, but they are not universally available. Your donation to this fund will help WHH provide more equitable access to healthcare workers during the greatest shortage of medical professionals seen in generations.

With your help we will train more doctors, provide critical supplies, and save lives.